Testing Ghrelin and Leptin

When your hair sample is analyzed, our biotechnology will assess the Leptin and Ghrelin levels in the body and then look for the "in range" markers to understand if your levels fall within the normal range or outside of the normal range. 

There are many different reasons why some people may have imbalanced levels in the body. By becoming aware of your current levels, there are various treatments and ways to help address your appetite and assist in weight management. 


You continuously feel hungry, even after eating.
  • You may not be eating enough, or your Leptin and Ghrelin levels may be outside of range.
  • Monitor your eating patterns using a food tracking app, or take a test to help identify levels of Leptin and Ghrelin.
You feel full all the time. 
  • Your Leptin levels may be high or, you have an underlying condition.
  • Take a test to help identify Leptin levels or, speak to your physician. 
You cannot lose weight no matter how much you diet. 
  • You may be eating too much, or your body may be in a state of inflammation.
  • Monitor your food through a food tracking app, or take a food intolerance test to understand if there are inflammatory issues.