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How do I treat Candida Glabrata?

Candida Glabrata may be present in the gut, mouth, or genital tract, and is usually fine and harmless when kept in amounts the body can tolerate. Like with most Candida species, an overgrowth may suggest that these areas candida resides in can start to cause issues where symptoms can be seen or felt. 

The way to treat Candida Glabrata can be much like most other Candida strains, which is to cut off its food supply, which is generally considered refined sugars and refined carbohydrates, for a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks. After this period, you may wish to assess if any associated symptoms have improved; you can also opt to be retested to understand if the Candida Glabrata overgrowth has lessened. 

If you have been retested and there is still an overgrowth of Candida Glabrata, you may wish to speak with a licensed functional medicine practitioner who is trained in the field of Candida Glabrata and the associated symptoms of its overgrowth. Many different protocols and supplements can address Candida Glabrata quickly and effectively.