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How does this test vary from a blood test?

We test for cellular deficits versus blood deficits. The results can vary, and we will explain how. When we ingest food, the food travels down into the digestive tract and gets absorbed into the bloodstream, which then circulates the nutrients to "feed" the body's cells. So we are effectively identifying the nutrient contents in the cells, which is one of the last parts of the chemical process of digestion. 

A malfunction in the digestive process may mean that the cells do not recognize or absorb the supply of nutrients in the blood, resulting in different results. 

In other cases, if an underlying medical condition is present, the results can also vary.

If you have had any vitamin deficiency tests conducted recently via a blood sample, you should not discount these results. Instead, you can treat each test separately by first addressing the deficits in the blood before moving on to the cells.