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How long does it take to correct a vitamin, mineral, or fatty acid deficit?

This answer is unique to each person. A few factors can influence how long it takes to gain equilibrium (a state of balance) back in the body's cells. 

In some cases, cellular deficits may take up to 6 weeks or sometimes even longer. 

What can determine how long it takes is, but is not limited to: 

1. If the body's cells are clean and free from heavy metal and toxin burden. 

2. If the body is well-rested and respondent to the uptake of nutrients. 

3. If the body is not overly stressed or exhausted from stress, over-exercise, or diets lacking nutrients. 

4. If the body's cells are adequately hydrated and can absorb the nutrients. (We recommend fresh sea salt or pink salt to help hydrate the body's cells and drinking at least 1.5 - 2 liters of fresh, filtered water every day.)

5. If there are any underlying medical conditions.

6. If there are food sensitivities, the body's cells can become inflamed. Like any inflammation, the body draws upon its water and nutrient reserves to encase and heal any inflammation, resulting in dehydration.