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How to replenish the gut biome with streptococcus faecium and bifidobacteria infantes that show deficient in my results?

In order to rebalance the system holistically, we recommend looking at the entirety of the results as a whole - and I can explain why this is best to do in order to achieve the best results. When the body is in a state of inflammation due to consuming foods and drinks that the cells deem as "inflammatory" the usage of the gut biome - which is effectively there to help increase our immune system as well as break down foods and covert it into energy - if inflammatory foods and drinks are being consumed then the gut biome can become imbalanced due to the inflammation. In addition vitamins, minerals and fatty acid imbalances help support the gut biome to do its job, and as such an imbalance here can also create an imbalance in the gut biome. The same can apply here with digestive enzymes - where there is a depletion in the digestive enzymes this can too affect the gut biome. It is possible to supplement with probiotics containing the strains which you may be lacking, however, if we don't remove the root cause then probiotics will simply help with the symptoms only. A lot of our customers with those imbalances take a strain known as "soil-based probiotics" these are known to proliferate quicker in the system. In any case, it may be worthwhile also looking at addressing each section (holistically) in order to achieve the best results. When you received your results you will also have received access to the members portal - within the portal, there is an ebook titled "Next Steps" - when this ebook is downloadable it will help with addressing each section one by one.