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I have had a blood test that shows a deficiency, but this test shows I am green?

The blood and the cells operate differently. When we ingest food, digestion begins in the mouth; the food then goes to the stomach and then into the small intestine, while mixing with various enzymes along the way and lots of different chemical processes. It then transfers the vitamins and minerals (nutrients) found in the food into the bloodstream. The bloodstream circulates these vitamins and minerals around the body to feed the body's cells.

There are trillions of cells in our body, and as such, cells need to be adequately hydrated and cleansed to "recognize" the nutrients and absorb them. However, if they are not adequately hydrated or cleansed, or if there is a malfunction in the digestive process, these vitamins and minerals can stay in the bloodstream (causing a potential overabundance in the blood) but a lack/deficiency in the cells.) Giving 2 completely different answers.

We state that while it is important to conduct a cellular test (such as the one you have had), it is also essential to get a blood test and not discount any blood work but compare the results and treat them separately. Blood work should be treated first and then cellular deficits as secondary, which is in order of the body's chemical processes.