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I want to know what the overgrowth is the fungus aspergillus fumigates means. I read about it, but is it something I need to be concerned with?

It is completely understandable to be concerned with your health. However, most forms of candida follow the same process to bring it back into balance. When you received your results you will have also received access to the members portal - within the portal, you will find a downloadable ebook titled "Next steps" - when this ebook is downloaded it will give you step by step process to target all sections of your results at a holistic cellular level. In any case, the simple steps to bring candida back into balance is 1. Cut off its "food supply" which is essentially known to be sugars and refined carbohydrates, a lot of our clients follow the keto diet for a period of time when battling candida overgrowth. 2. Ensure you are allowing your body to heal, cleanse and rest by getting an adequate amount of sleep each night preferably before 10:30 pm - the body undergoes a lot of restoration and cleansing processes between 11 - 7 am. Step 3: Ensure you are reducing inflammation in the body by abstaining from foods and drinks which are deemed inflammatory to you for a period of 6 - 8 weeks at minimum. Candida is known to overgrow in an inflamed body. And lastly, ensure you are reducing your exposure to toxins and heavy metals which can also over time cause an inflammatory cellular response.