If a food or drink item is red or orange, will I ever be able to consume it again?

The answer is you may be able to. 

The body's cells can heal by providing plenty of rest and nutrients to regenerate and repair. The average natural recovery process of a "broken" cell can be between 4 - 8 weeks. Therefore, you may be able to re-introduce that food item that you once could not tolerate.

If you want to check you have healed your intolerance, you can try a self-elimination diet that includes introducing each item one by one and waiting for a reaction which can take 3 - 5 days to surface. If you do not feel or see an unwanted symptom, it can be safe to assume you have healed that intolerance. Some clients opt for a retest after eight weeks to speed up uncovering any healed intolerances.

Please note: You may not introduce an allergic food item again; you would need to contact your medical professional or allergy specialist regarding allergies. We do not test for allergies; allergies are an immune system response and are identified only via blood. We do not require a blood sample as part of our testing methodology and therefore we can not diagnose allergies.