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It says I shouldn't have coconut, but can I still have coconut sugar and coconut milk?

We test the molecular atom structure of each item. Molecular atom structure simply means the way it looks is different and therefore the way it can react in the body can also be different. For example, coconut contains a lot of fiber and a higher concentration of fat versus coconut sugar and coconut milk respectively. Each composition is different and so it can react differently in the body. Bear in mind however intolerances do not mean forever (unlike allergies.) Intolerances are known to be healed within a period of 6 - 8 weeks by simply abstaining from those foods and drinks for this period of time and then attempting to rebalance the body regarding heavy metals/toxins, vitamins, and minerals, fatty acids, gut biome, digestive enzymes ad candida. The ebook will help with each section of your results.