My results recommend against red wine intake for 6-8 weeks. Do these types of inflammatory reactions generally change every 8 weeks, or is something like this more often permanent?

Cellular intolerances have an ability to heal, unlike allergies (which we do not test for.) The body's primary defense is the immune system which is blood-based (meaning an allergy can only really be detected via a sample of blood, and with our tests, it would therefore be impossible to test for,) after this the food gets passed into the digestive system (which is effectively our second line of defense which is made up of cells and this is what we are measuring.) This means that, by abstaining from that particular food or drink for a period of 6 - 8 weeks, it may be that cellular intolerances can be healed and that particular food or drink item can be introduced again. Cells regeneration period can be as little as 6 - 8 weeks (depending on that person's healing abilities.) The analogy to think of in this case is the analogy of a broken bone - which is approximately 6 - 8 weeks of repair and rest by placing the limb in plaster for that period of time to allow the cells to heal.