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My test results say that I should remove cow’s milk from my diet. They also say that Kefir, sour cream, and other items that include cow’s milk are ok for me to eat. What do I do?

Every single item we test for has a unique molecular atom structure (molecular atom structure - simply meaning the way it looks is different and so the way it can react in the body can also be different.) For example, cow's milk has a different casein/lipid (fat) / lactose, etc content than sour cream which has less lactose and casein and more lipids (amongst many other components.) The ratios are totally different even though they still may come from the same "source." The smallest atom molecule differences can alter the way that item is digested and reacts in the body. In addition, another reason a person may develop an intolerance is perhaps if the item has stimulated too much of the person's intolerance threshold. With our testing we first test your hair sample to understand the epigenetic response, this simply means that every person has a UNIQUE "tolerance threshold" to each food item and initially we need to find out this information. Once this information has been obtained from your hair sample we then cross combine this information with the unique molecular atom structure of each item we test for. The biotechnology will then come up with a conclusive result:

Red - high intolerance/deficit

Amber - mild to moderate intolerance/deficit

Green - stable/no response.

Therefore the technology has understood your unique atom "signature" via your hair sample and then cross combined the sour cream and yielded a green response and so forth.