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Regarding weight loss...

While we need to be cognizant of calories in versus calories out, another big contributing factor to weight gain is the state of cellular inflammation. So with our tests, it will show you the foods/drinks listed in red or amber which may be instigating a cellar inflammatory response within.

If we think of a broken limb here so I can paint the picture a little clearer: when we break a limb (it is effectively millions of broken cells) what then happens is swelling and water retention starts to occur - this is the bodies natural process of protecting and trying to heal itself. However, it does not discriminate when inflammation is being caused by a food/drink item internally. As such, by eliminating the red and amber items, we have seen some of our customers drop a lot of pounds very quickly due to the lessening of the inflammation (which is mostly water weight initially.) however, a continued journey on this program may help with weight loss due to the fact that if we remove the irritants then the body can rebalance itself and as such may start to work more optimally, require less food and recognize the nutrients found within the food which may help to lessen any cravings or overeating.

Having said all of this the first thing you may also wish to do if weight loss is your goal is understand calories here also. They both need to work hand in hand. To understand the calorie threshold it may be wise to understand your BMR. (Basal Metabolic Rate.) You can key this in online which will bring you to a calculator and will help you understand how many calories your body burns daily when completely idle and just to keep you alive.

From that point, you may wish to then use a food tracker and stick to the calories shown on your BMR in addition to, avoiding the inflammatory causing foods on your results.