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Under Yeast & Fungi: it shows Aspirgellus Fumigatus is in Moderate to Overgrowth? What are precaution steps to make it in balance?

When you received your results you will also have received access to the members portal - within the portal, there is an ebook titled "next steps" - when this ebook is downloaded it gives you steps on how to address candida overgrowth. In any case candida (whichever strain it may be) follows the same process.

Step 1: eliminate or reduce sugars, and refined carbohydrates (a lot of people have found great relief from following what is known as the Keto Diet.)

Step 2: rest and relaxation. The body undergoes a lot of reparation processes when it sleeps. As such it is important that sleep is obtained between the peak times of 10:30 - 6 am.

Step 3: Rebalance the gut biome with plenty of fermented vegetables and probiotics if any are lacking. Where they are balanced, maintenance is definitely something that needs to be continued.