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What is A. Fumigatus?

It can be a stealthy yeast which means it has been known to lie dormant in the system for many years and can show up when the immune system is slightly weakened at any time (for example, if overtired, or from stress, food poisoning, etc.)

As such, it can then show signs of congestion, sinusitis, dry mouth or cough, and lung symptoms.

We need yeasts in friendly amounts in the system; the purpose of this is that if we were to let's say inhale some type of toxic Fumes, the yeasts would do their "jobs" of absorbing such toxins so the body doesn't become overwhelmed. However, if there has been a history cover exposure to fumes, smoke, scents, candles, leaking gas, or molds in buildings then over time this can grow out of balance.

It may not be a huge concern right now, however, this is for you to decide. However, I would recommend following the next steps protocol step by step section by section as found in the members portal.