What is Oat Flour?

  • Oat flour is made from grinding and milling oats/oatmeal/porridge oats. It is commonly found in "Gluten-Free" foods, such as Gluten-Free cookies, snack bars, bread, cereals, and prepackaged gluten-free foods. 
  • Oat flour may contain Gluten as oats are usually milled in places that also produce other grains and cereals that contain gluten. However, categorically oat flour is said to not contain Gluten.
  • Oat flour may contain what is known as Hydrocolloids, which is an additive used when goods have been refined or milled; this is so their shelf life can be extended. (Whole oats/oatmeal/porridge oats, may not contain this additive.) 
  • A sensitivity to this additive may indicate why there may be an intolerance. In addition, the high content of resistant starch found in oats can cause some issues when there is an inflamed digestive system.