Why am I intolerance to some foods and not others?

Foods and drinks which may be inflammatory causing can be caused by an overconsumption of the particular items or maybe currently incompatible with the body from a cellular holistic standpoint. The body has been known to heal within a 6 – 8-week period from cellular inflammation or irritation.

We do not test for allergies which usually stay consistent and therefore allergic foods and drinks may never be consumed again.

With intolerances/cellular inflammatory causing items, these may be able to be consumed again after the healing process has taken place in the body.

The body naturally undergoes a cellular healing process over a period of 6 – 8 weeks. Much like when we injure or cause inflammation to a bone or muscle, we are advised to heal and remove any irritation for a period of 6 – 8 weeks. So therefore it may be possible to heal and repair our body’s cells in 6 – 8 weeks by removing the inflammatory causing food and drink items.

NOTE: If you know you have a known allergy then you must NOT consume the allergic item regardless of the color coding shown on your report. Allergies react in a different way and they are usually tested via a blood sample or skin prick to determine the antibody responses. Allergies are also treated differently. 
Our test requires a hair sample and therefore does not have the capability to test for allergies. You must always refer to your medical professional for any allergy-related advice.